Free Learning Resources

Good lessons last a lifetime.

Free Learning Resources

Smart Space offers free learning resources that help students gain a grasp on the fundamentals.


Good Resources Should Be…

These are the qualities that our free learning resources have

Simple to Read

Resources should always be easy to read and understand. Whether your facing the stress of HSC or just starting high school, our resources can help guide you in simple and clear terms.

Widely Applicable

Resources should cover important fundamentals. Smart Space believes in creating helpful content which helps you to understand fundamental concepts and skills.

Easy on The Eyes

Resources should be visually pleasing. 
Smart Space produces content which is visually pleasing and easy to remember. Informative is nice, but beautiful is better! 


Resources should always contain demonstrations. Smart Space resources always have examples embedded in the articles and breakdowns. Practice what you preach!

English Resources

Have a look at some of our essential English resources.

Essay Writing

Sharpen up your essay writing and learn what markers have come to expect in essays.

Creative Writing

Light up your creative side and learn the creative tips and tricks behind storytelling.

Analysis & Expression

Cut through texts and express yourself with clarity and precision.

Other Resources

From analysis and essay tips to full blown study guides and text break downs, make sure you take advantage of all the brilliant resources on the internet. 

We personally love to use some of the sites linked below.

Mathematics Resources

Have a look at some of our essential Mathematics resources.


Learn the basics of Algebra 


The beauty of Geometry


Mathematics visualised