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Good lessons last a lifetime.

Tutor Qualities

Role Models

Our tutors are well rounded and competent models for students to look up to. We are fierce in our commitment to our student’s academic achievement but also their personal development.


Our tutors possess a wealth of expertise, and a comprehensive knowledge of their disciplines. They’re adept at distilling complex concepts into easily digestible forms, ensuring that students grasp even the most intricate details.


Our tutors are dedicated to the development and growth of all our students. We try our best to make every lesson an exciting one where engagement is high and students are left feeling motivated. We want to see our students succeed!

Creative & Insightful

Our tutors can approach problems and explanations from a variety of angles. If one explanation doesn’t work, we will find the one that does. We respect that unique minds require tailored approaches.

Our Team


English Tutor

Bill is a charismatic and energetic tutor with a passion for literature and five years of teaching experience.

Bachelor of Communciations (Media Production and Creative Writing) (UTS)


English Tutor

Indiana is a warm and academically distinguished tutor with a penchant for literature and the arts.

Bachelor of Arts (USYD)


Mathematics Tutor

Alek is a lucid communicator and a considerate tutor with a great classroom presence. 

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (UNSW)


English, Economics & Business Studies Tutor

Amy is a receptive and diligent tutor who has over five years experience teaching a variety of high school subjects.

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (UNSW)


English & Biology Tutor 

Frank is a thoughtful and perceptive tutor with an ouststanding academic record and a passion for literature and science.

Masters of Pharmacy (UTS)


Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics Tutor
Gurman is a humorous and witty tutor with a strong command of his subjects.

Doctor of Medicine (UWS)


English & Biology Tutor 

Sylvia is a warm and engaging tutor with over five years experience teaching high school English. 

Postgraduate qualifications in Public Health (USYD)


Mathematics Tutor 

Stefan is a friendly and approachable tutor, known for helping students become comfortable and confident in their skills.

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (USYD)


Mathematics Tutor 

Simor is a playful and spirited mathematics tutor who always manages to make his lessons engaging.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (honours) at UNSW


Mathematics Tutor

Billy is a young and passionate Maths tutor with sincere love for mathematics. 

Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (UNSW)


English Tutor

Isabella is a bright and welcoming tutor eager to connect with students and help them develop their skills.

Bachelor of Law/Commerce (UNSW)



Liam is a well-rounded and enthusiastic tutor, keen to share his passion for Mathematics with students. 

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (ACU)

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Maths, Chemistry & Physics Tutor

Julius is a thoughtful and sympathetic tutor with a strong command of his subjects, and an eagerness to impart his knowledge.

Bachelor of Commerce / Law 


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