Year 7 – 10 Mathematics

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High School Mathematics Tutoring

Years 7 – 10

High school Mathematics tutoring from years 7 to 10 lays a robust foundation for success in senior studies, providing essential skills for long-term academic growth.

At Smart Space, we foster strong student-tutor relationships, instilling the confidence needed to excel in Mathematics.

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High School Mathematics Tutoring
Stepping Stones

Mathematics plays a pivotal role in our education and beyond. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on mastering the key principles of the Australian school curriculum.



Arithmetic is the most fundamental skill in all of mathematics. Our tutors are dedicated to ensuring all our students acquire an understanding of the study of numbers.


Area and Perimeter

We ensure students have a deep understanding of geometric concepts and aim to establish confidence in identifying and applying these core ideas.


Solving Equations

We ensure students develop a thorough grasp of algebraic concepts and work to instill confidence in recognizing and effectively applying these fundamental principles in problem-solving.

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Free Learning Resources

Smart Space provides free learning resources to cover the basic areas of Mathematics. These fun and simple resources are a great guide to help with your mathematics studes in Years 7-10.


Join us in this step-by-step guide through the wonderful world of x’s and y’s, equations and operations, as we uncover the mysteries of Algebra.

Free Algebra Resource


Geometry is something you will have been familiar with even before you knew the word itself. In this free learning resource, we’ll plunge into the world of shapes, angles, and lines, covering the basics of Geometry.

Free Geometry Resource


Graphing is visually what our algebraic equations look like. If you’re confused by what this means or struggle with drawing correct graphs in school, follow us in this step-by-step guide to the basics of graphing.

Free Graphing Resource

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High School Mathematics Tutoring
Our Lessons

Our high school mathematics program offers structured 2-hour lessons, designed to cover the necessary content and ensure that students achieve their potential.


(10 mins)

The first section of most lessons will be dedicated to reinforcing ideas learnt in the previous lesson. In this way, students develop a consistent chain of learning.


Introduction to Concept
(40 mins)

Our tutors will then guide students through a new concept, linking it to previous ideas to establish a deep understanding of the concept.


Practice the Concept (60 mins)

After tutor demonstrations, students will then attempt to solve similar problems in order to build their confidence in using new mathematical concepts and ideas.


(10 mins)

Tutors summarise and reinforce the new concepts taught in the lesson and provide feedback on how the student may improve.

What are Our Goals?


One of our major goals is to ensure our students become confident learners, willing to both ask for help and answer questions. 


Smart Space tutors are dedicated to inspiring students to enjoy studying mathematics and appreciate the challenge of problem solving. 

Long-Term Uses

We always aspire to create the foundations for a successful future using mathematical concepts and skills.

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