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Year 7 – 10 English

Good lessons last a lifetime.

High School English Tutoring

High School English Tutoring 
Years 7- 10 

High school English tutoring throughout years 7 – 10 can help develop fundamental skills that will last long into a student’s senior studies.

At Smart Space we build strong relationships with our students so that they can develop the confidence they need to suceed in their English studies.

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High School English

At Smart Space, we recognize the vital role English plays in both education and life. That’s why we prioritize these four essential components of the Australian school curriculum.

Oral Communication

 We believe in the power of effective verbal expression, which is crucial in various aspects of life. Our English tutoring program specifically focuses on improving articulation, clarity, and overall proficiency in spoken language to equip students with valuable lifelong skills.

Creative Writing

We believe in nurturing the ability to express oneself through imaginative storytelling and compelling narratives. Our program is tailored to enhance creativity, literary flair, and the art of crafting engaging written works, empowering students with a valuable skill set for a lifetime.

Literary Analysis

Our program is designed to develop the ability to dissect and understand the deeper meanings, themes, and techniques employed by authors, equipping students with a valuable skill set for appreciating and analyzing literature throughout their academic journey.

Essay Writing

We understand the significance of coherent and persuasive writing in academics and beyond. Our program focuses on refining structure, argumentation, and style to equip students with the skills needed to articulate their ideas clearly and convincingly, enhancing their overall academic performance.

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High School English Tutoring:
The Progression

Our program is designed to establish strong fundamentals right from the start, providing a solid educational foundation for long-term success.


The Basics

In Year 7, we focus on building essential language and comprehension skills, fostering a strong foundation for advanced learning.


Gaining Confidence

Year 8 sees a transition to more complex literary analysis and writing techniques, preparing students for higher-level academic challenges.


Polishing Skills

Our Year 9 program hones critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling students to engage with literature on a deeper level and excel in literary studies.


Advanced Techniques

In Year 10, we refine essay writing proficiency and offer in-depth literary analysis, ensuring students are well-prepared for future academic endeavors and assessments.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students and parents say about us:

We finally found an English tutor that delivers real results! My son’s confidence and performance in English class has significantly improved since attending tutorials with Sylvia. Highly recommend this place.

Jo Ann L.

Great tutoring with very knowledgeable staff that put in effort every week to check work and progress at a comfortable level. Definitely improved my skills and ability for school and personal work.

Pandelis R.

The tutors are top notch and really care about their students.They helped me succeed in biology, maths and english and have honestly pushed me to the limit to become the best I can possibly be.

Frank P.
Smart Space Tutoring

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