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Year 11 – 12 Standard Mathematics

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Standard Mathematics Tutoring Year 11 – 12

HSC and Preliminary Advanced Mathematics Tutoring covers the complex and rigorous mathematical concepts needed to excel in years 11 and 12.

Smart Space offers exceptional tutors capable of breaking down and explaining even the most complex mathematical concepts.

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Core Ideas

The Standard Mathematics syllabus incorporates key ideas explored in Years 7 – 10, whilst also placing an emphasis on using mathematics in everyday life.

Financial Maths

Financial maths involves understanding the mathematics of money: investments, compound interest, appreciation, and annuities.


Standard Mathematics places a strong emphasis on building skills in interpreting and reading data in order to prepare students for careers involving statistics.


The Standard Mathematics syllabus requires that students master the use of core ideas of measurement, such as area and perimeter, as well as more advanced concepts, such as trigonometry.

Linear Equations

Linear Equations in Standard Maths follow on from Year 10 mathematics, with a stronger emphasis on observing relationships and problem solving.

HSC Preparation

Preapring for the HSC can often be a difficult process without the right guide. That’s where we come in!

Tailored Content

Smart Space offers tailored content to ensure that students develop their new skills and revise their old ones. This enables students to draw relationships between new and previous concepts.

Past Papers

Our tutors have access to a range of past papers with questions similar to those provided in exams. Past papers provide the best exam preparation, particularly for mathematics.

Homework Help

Every week we offer free homework help for all enrolled students to take advantage of. They can use this time to complete homework or come in with practice exams and get feedback from their tutors

Motivational Teachers

There are few things more important during the HSC than motivation and discipline. Our tutors are extremely animated and vibrant instructors who aspire constantly to push and motivate their students.

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Our Lessons

Our Advanced Mathematics Tutoring offers structured 2-hour lessons, designed to cover the necessary content and ensure that students achieve their potential.


(10 mins)

The first section of most lessons will be dedicated to reinforcing ideas learnt in the previous lesson. In this way, students develop a consistent chain of learning.


Introduction to Concept
(40 mins)

Our tutors will then guide students through a new concept, linking it to previous ideas to establish a deep understanding of the concept.


Practice the Concept (60 mins)

After tutor demonstrations, students will then attempt to solve similar problems in order to build their confidence in using new mathematical concepts and ideas.


(10 mins)

Tutors summarise and reinforce the new concepts taught in the lesson and provide feedback on how the student may improve.

Smart Space Tutoring

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