Year 11 – 12 Standard English

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Standard English
Tutoring (Yr 11 – 12)

The HSC syllabus touches on some of the most complex topics in English literature.

Even still, our professional tutors can demystify even the most difficult English concepts.

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Standard English Tutoring Results

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Standard English Tutoring
HSC Preparation

Preparation for English exams in the senior year is a long process but we can help get you there!

Tailored Content

Smart Space provides students with tailored exercises, tasks and learning content to prepare them for their individual assessments and exams.

Motivational Teachers

There are few things more important during the HSC than motivation and discipline. Our tutors are extremely animated and vibrant instructors who aspire constantly to push and motivate their students.

Homework Help

Every week we offer free homework help for all enrolled students to take advantage of. They can use this time to complete homework, ask questions or get feedback on practice exams.

Exam Preparation

Smart Space prioritises exam and assessment preparation throughout every lesson. Our job is to guide and train students to perform under exam conditions with ease and confidence.

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Year 11 Standard English Tutoring

Preliminary HSC English tutoring provides the foundational knowledge necessary for the Year 12 HSC.


Common Module:

A module shared by both advanced and standard students based on the appreciation of literature.


Module A

A module which explores innovations in narrative using modern story telling technology.


Module B

A module which on a close or critical study of a text and its literary value.

Year 12 Standard English Tutoring

The HSC English Standard course is a rigorous and comprehensive program designed to prepare students for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination.


Common Module

This module is based on human experiences and their representation within literature.


Module A

Module A deals with the represtation of identities through language.


Module B

Module B involves the close study of a singular sophisticated work of literature.


Module C

Module C encourages students to engage with well crafted texts and then compose their own.

Year 12 Standard English Tutoring

Smart Space prepares you for all four modules and their different modes of examination.

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Common Module

Learn to write clear and direct essays and give confident oral presentations.

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Module A

Learn to compose analytical essays which explore language and identity within your texts. 

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Module B

Learn to compose insightful sophisticated
essays on complex works of literature.

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Module C

Learn to compose creative, discursive, persuasive and reflective texts.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

I had the privilege of having Bill as my tutor in English from year 11-12 and I can honestly say without him I don’t think I would have gotten above 60% in my overall mark (I ended up getting close to 90%) .

Karuna M.

The tutors are top notch and really care about their students. Without Smart Space I would not have achieved half the things I have accomplished in my educational endeavours.

Frank P.

Smart Space Tutoring helped me achieve my HSC English goal and I couldn’t be happier with my tutor, (they) gave me great methods to help ace essay writing.

Josh J.

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