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UCAT Tutoring & Preparation

The Univeristy Clinical Aptitute Test (UCAT) is an essential exam for prospective medical and dental students in Australia. 

Our UCAT Tutoring Program helps students understand the exam format, develop effective test-taking strategies and refine the necessary language and reasoning skills to prepare them for the UCAT.

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UCAT Tutoring Program

Preparation for UCAT is a long process but we can help get you there!

Verbal Reasoning

Smart Space provides students with passages of text to develop their comprehension, evaluation, and inference skills. The objective is to improve their proficiency in quickly understanding, interpreting and analysing complex material. 

Decision Making

There are few things more important to the UCAT than decision making. Our UCAT Tutoring Program presents students with various questions and scenarios to test their ability to analyse and evaluate the information provided to make appropriate decisions.

Quantitative Reasoning

We aim to further develop and bolster student’s numerical skills. For the UCAT, the focus is on assessing the ability to quickly interpret data and perform calculations under time pressure, skills that are crucial for data-driven decision-making in the medical and dental fields.

Abstract Reasoning

Our UCAT Tutoring Program will continually assess critical thinking and problem solving abilities so students can develop the high-level cognitive skills needed to analyse and derive conclusions from scenarios within the UCAT.

Situational Judgement

Smart Space tutors aim to develop a student’s capacity to understand real world situations and identify the appropriate responses. Our UCAT Tutoring Program stresses the importance of effective and ethical decision making to prepare students for a variety of scenarios. 

Practice Exams

Smart Space prioritises exam and assessment preparation throughout every lesson. Our job is to guide and train students to perform under exam conditions with ease and confidence. We will provide test-taking strategies specifically for the UCAT to help prepare them for the exam day.

Client Testimonials

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SmartSpace offers an understanding of essay writing beyond any other centre I have tried. It uncovered a fun side to English I’d never expected which eventually turned to a passion for writing, something my eleven years of school hadn’t achieved.

Ahmed N.

Bill has helped immensely with my essay writing for the GAMSAT. The classes explored interesting philosophical and political concepts and were super enjoyable!!

Annabel P.

Cannot recommend enough… not only did my english results improve greatly from smart space, but i have also learnt many fundamental philosophical aspects of english literature which I have been able to integrate into every day life.

Georgie D.

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