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Kevin PieterszKevin Pietersz
09:15 23 Jan 24
A huge thanks to Bill for his highly valuable tuition expertise. My daughters have been tutored in Maths and English in recent years, and each tutor has been highly regarded and talented in terms of their knowledge and importantly, their unique skill in engaging and inspiring my daughters consistently. A special mention goes out to Indy for her efforts and success in English tuition. There were often times where my daughter was unmotivated and complaining about the workload in the car on the way to tutoring, then I return to pick her up and she’s bubbly, enthused and singing Indy’s praises. I’ve yet to experience this with any other tuition school. I would highly, highly recommend SmartSpace for senior school tuition.
Nn NNn N
08:34 13 Jan 24
Bill and Amy have been excellent English tutors for my children over the years. They have always been prompt, professional and very helpful. Their style of tutoring helped my children gain the confidence and motivation they need to excel and reach their potential.I highly recommend smart space tutoring.
Christine GarbergChristine Garberg
08:20 14 Dec 23
Bill and Simor have been great tutors for my son this year. With Simor's guidance, my son achieved his goal of topping his year in Math. Bill goes above and beyond to inspire and mentor his students so that they develop a strong appreciation for the English, reading and writing. He is a great role model. Thanks for encouraging my son to do his best.
10:59 12 Dec 23
My son has been tutored for mathematics and English lessons since last year. I can’t recommend this centre and the teaching the tutors provide highly enough. The tutors are knowledgeable, relate with their students very well and make lessons fun and enjoyable. My son has improved as evidenced by his final exam results and class rankings.Thank you to the staff at Smart Space for your professional service!
Maggie AtanasovaMaggie Atanasova
06:37 11 Dec 23
Great tutoring service. My son’s tutor Billy has helped him enhance his English skills immensely and improved his results.
mirvat chmeissemirvat chmeisse
23:50 09 Dec 23
Jackie CoxJackie Cox
05:35 09 Dec 23
A hidden gem on Princes Highway in Rockdale, Bill is a wonderful tutor, helping both my kids with English. My daughter credits Bill with elevating her HSC English marks, and Amy with Business studies. My son has been with Bill for 2 years now and just today he got in the car after tutoring and told me without prompting, that Bill is a fantastic tutor. Thank you for helping my kids realise their potential.
Ellie SEllie S
05:30 09 Dec 23
Professional, warm, caring and positive environment. I am so glad that we were introduced this coaching centre by friends. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve academic performance.
Jade TalevskiJade Talevski
07:04 26 Oct 23
My experiences at Smart Space Tutoring have greatly helped me improve my skills in mathematics and chemistry. I always look forward to my tutoring sessions with Simor, Billy and Alex. The atmosphere is so positive and encouraging, and I would strongly recommend Smart Space Tutoring.
Matt NamvarMatt Namvar
02:34 26 Oct 23
My younger brother started English tutoring at Smart Space, and after 2 terms he's gone from failing his essays to getting high B's and even some A's. Their tutors are knowledgable and extremely professional in their fields. Without their hard work and dedication my brothers results would not have been possible.Thank you again Smart Space!
Ol SestakOl Sestak
08:32 22 Oct 23
Finally found tutors who care for my child’s education. Marks have increased year in year out - something i would have never imagined! Giving my child the best chance for uni! Start from year 7 for the best chances of success! Thank you Smart Space for your efforts!
meri talevskimeri talevski
02:45 23 Sep 23
Smart Space Tutoring has helped my daughters excel in Maths and Chemistry since commencing classes. This is due to the highly qualified teaching staff who are equipped with knowledge of how to best connect with the student and adapt their teaching style to the individual. If you want your child to improve at school, I highly recommend Smart Space Tutoring.
Kitty BertonKitty Berton
05:05 22 Sep 23
Smart Space has been a great tutoring school for my year 12 daughter. She was worried about her maths grade and now she ranks 4th in her class! The tutor was very knowledgeable and professional. thank you Smart Space for the boost in her grade!
13:57 17 Jul 23
I have been a mathematics tutor at Smart Space for over 2 years now and could not recommend the centre enough! Smart Space is dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for students with tutors that not only have great knowledge but also passion for the subject. I would highly recommend Smart Space for any student that would like to improve their knowledge through a more engaging and interactive class setting.

Maths Tutoring


Our aim is to ensure that all students gain the confidence and ability to excel at Mathematics.

Our Maths tutors are dedicated to not only teaching, but inspiring students to understand and admire our mathematical world.

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Why Choose Smart Space Tutoring?

“Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to answer all questions”

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Our Qualities

Smart Space offers exceptional Maths tutors with a range of qualities. Here are some of the qualities that are most important in a maths tutor:


Our tutors are all experienced educators, specialised in teaching all levels of Mathematics.


Our tutors seek to provide a truly powerful teaching experience which enlivens and inspires students.


Our tutors are dedicated to creating a caring and positive learning atmosphere.

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Check out our Free Learning Resources

Check out some of our free learning resources which cover some fundamental skills for Mathematics students.


Struggling with algebra? In this resource, we focus on the basics of mathematics, including solving equations and quadratics.

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This resource looks at the visual component of maths: geometry, including some basic shapes and angles.

Geometry Resource


Graphing can often be difficult and requires some practice. In this resource, we’ll cover the basics such as gradients and intercepts.

Graphing Resource

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